Friday, November 12, 2010

Nani auditions for the 2011 Natural Balance Rose Parade Float

Nani and her So Cal Surf Dog buddies Dozer, Ricochet, Kalani, Antonio and Guido went to the Natural Balance Headquarters in Pacima California to audition for the 2011 Rose Parade Float. It will be the heavest float ever!
It will have a pool for Dockdogs to dive into and an area in front for dogs to skim board. Nani auditioned for the skim boarding.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Skim Board Practice

Nani is saying "You got to be kidding me!"
Kiki is just laughing at both of us!
(Nani is sitting on the skimboard)
Nani and several of the So Cal Surf Dogs went to Dog Beach in Del Mar on Thursday afternoon to give Skim Boarding a try.
What a beautiful afternoon at Dog Beach. It was a perfect low tide.
We have been invited to audition for the Natural Balance 2011 Rose Parade float on Monday in Pacoima, California.
All the Surf Dogs gave it thier best. News at Eleven!

2011 Rose Parade

Nani and several of her So Cal Surf Dog Team Mates, have been invited up to Pacoima California to tryout for the Natural Balance 2011 Rose Parade Float!
This ought to be interesting!!!